Laser Machines for Jewelry Industry

Laser technology has greatly improved production efficiency of jewelry industry.
To process jewelry, we need different laser machines for different purposes.
Aohua can provide you with our laser marking machine and engraving machine,
laser welding machine, laser cutting machine.

Laser machines have been more and more popular in jewelry industry. Compared with traditional methods for processing jewelry, laser processing technology, including laser cutting, laser welding, laser marking and engraving, has more remarkable advantages. Firstly, using laser machines to process jewelry, the processing time has been greatly shortened. Secondly, the use of laser marking and machines and laser engravers makes it easier to create new products and customize jewelry for the customers. Thirdly, using a laser cutting machine, the material loss will be decreased. Laser machines are playing an more and more important role in jewelry industry.  

Application of laser machines in jewelry industry

Laser marking and engraving on jewelry

Laser marking is a kind of mature laser technology in processing jewelry. Its working principle is to permanent marks by evaporate and ablate surface material of the jewelry. There are some features of laser marking machines in the following content.

1. Controlled by a computer, easy to change the marking image;

2. Precisely marking, highly efficient, continuous production;

3. Widely used to process various materials, stable performance;

4. Durable and long service life;

5. Flexible working method and suitable for batch production;

6. Eco-friendly and non-pollutant.

Welding jewelry with laser machines

Laser welding machines are useful for welding different jewelry. Nowadays, laser welders are necessary equipment in jewelry industry. Compared with traditional welding pattern, laser welding machines have a lot of advantages:

1.Fast welding, no deformation, high-hardness welding seam;

2.Good performance, to make high-quality jewelry;

3.Stable and durable, easy operation;

4. Energy-saving and labor-saving.

Laser cutting machine in jewelry industry

Aohua laser cutting machines are able to cut precisely on the material to make jewelry according to the shape that you set in the computer. With this laser cutting machine, it becomes more convenient for you to produce new jewelry products and to provide customization service for your clients. 

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