Difference between laser welding and traditio...
At present, laser welding has become more and more popular.

Hot-sale small cantilever laser mold welders
Facing the increasingly demanding mold welding repair work, Aohua has designed the latest small cantilever laser welder.

Application of Aohua Li-battery laser welders
As the core component of a new energy vehicles, the quality of the lithium batteries directly determines the performance of the vehicles.

How to make a logo on the cover of a phone?
To highlight their brands, the manufacturers are willing to make logo on the covers of the smart phones.

Working principle of laser welding
Laser welding of metal materials is a process in which the laser interacts with the metal. This process is extremely complicated. The metal reflects and absorbs light under the action of the laser, an...

Operation details of CO2 laser engravers
As we all know, as long as we operate CO2 laser engravers according to the instruction, the service life the the laser marking machines can be prolonged. Therefore, when using a CO2 laser marking mach...

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