The Customize Design

Date:2020-07-24 Categories:Industry news Hits:1460

Aohua Laser not only could provide the customers  the standard machines  as our showing on this official website, but also provide the  customize design based  on the customers' demand.

We got many of the examples of the customize design machine which cooperate with assembly ine production. 

For an example:

The Food Packaging Company could provide us:

What type of the package they prefer to use?

Where they prefer to make the marking?

What is their epected effect?

Could they post us the samples/they prefer to buy it buy the same sample through TaoBao(Cause of we are China Manufactory)?

After we post back/send back the sample pictures, does our customers feel satisfaction?

After all, we will sending a report with the last price and our suggestions with how to choose which watt machine to be our best choice.

Our company insist provide our customers' best services and the most suitable index based our customers' real needs.

We are welling our customers to prepare the effects on laser welding, laser marking, laser cutting and laser cleaning.

The PRODUCT NEWS below is the AOHUA LASER customize machine for the car brake pads factory:


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