Hot-sale small cantilever laser mold welders

Date:2022-05-07 Categories:Industry news Hits:1334

        Facing the increasingly demanding mold welding repair work, Aohua has designed the latest small cantilever laser welder. This cantilever welding machine adopts the most advanced laser resonator technology, which has many advantages compared with ordinary laser welding machines. For example: higher peak power, better performance, longer run time, higher efficiency, and smaller footprint to save space.

        The laser source of this fiber laser electric cylinder cantilever welding machine of Aohua adopts a sealed design to prevent dust and dirt. During use, no adjustment or maintenance is required. This ensures the stable operation of the laser welding machine for a long time.

        When a fiber laser welds a mold, the high-energy laser continuously melts a very small area of the metal. The benefit of this technology is that very little heat is generated at the weld point, allowing operators to easily make laser welds larger than 0.025mm from complex, heat-sensitive, intricate parts.

       The operator positions or fixes the part on the welding machine table while viewing the application through a stereo microscope in the weld zone. There are crosshairs inside the microscope, which help the operator to easily align and weld parts in the correct position.

Aohua fiber laser electric cylinder cantilever welding machine is widely used, in addition to welding repair molds, including: welding medical equipment components, spot welding, seam welding, precision welding of electronic components and so on.   

small cantilever laser mold welders


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