Fiber Laser Marking Machine

◆ High-precision laser marking machine
◆ Customizable, easy installation
◆ Stable performance
◆ Long life

Introduction of fiber laser marking machine:

Fiber laser marking machines can make permanent laser-marks on the surface of all sorts of metal and non-metal products. Aohua fiber laser engraver is a kind of advanced laser machine in the world market. Compared with traditional marking equipment, laser marking machines are much more efficient!

Application fiber laser engravers:

Aohua laser marking machines are suitable for making marks (certification symbols, identification text, logo, 2-D data matrix code, bar coding, graphic, bitmaps, serial codes, and digital images) on all kinds of hardware devices, cutting tools, kitchen knives, plastic products, sanitary appliance, gate valves, leather product, dark-color products and so on. 

Materials: Almost all kinds of metal materials can be marked by Aohua fiber laser marking machines, such as stainless steel, platinum, gold, silver, copper, titanium and aluminum, carbide, alloys. Apart from metal, Fiber laser engravers can also be used to mark on ceramic, leather and dark-color plastic.

Notice, fiber laser marking machines are not suitable for making markes on Glass products  


fiber laser engraver

Advantages of fiber laser engraving machine:

1. Precise fiber optical laser marking system;

2. Easy operation,Advanced technology;

3. Non-contact and permanent marking;

4. Abrasion-resistant, Long service life: >100,000 hours;

5. Energy-saving and cost-effective;

6. No wearing components, Aohua fiber marking machines are durable;

7. 30+-year experience in manufacturing laser machines.

If you are looking for other types of laser marking machines, CO2 laser engravers and UV laser marking machines will meet your needs.


Max. power20W30W50W100W
Laser wavelength1070nm1070nm1070nm1070nm
Marking range150*150mm150*150mm150*150mm150*150mm
Power consumption≤1kW≤1.2KW≤1,5KW≤1.8KW
Cooling styleAir coolingAir coolingAir coolingAir cooling
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