Portable fiber laser marking machine

◆ Light, flexible portable, laser marking machine
◆ Energy saving, zero consumables, permanent marking;
◆ Applicable to many different materials
◆ Easy operation, good performance
◆ Energy-saving and labor-saving
◆ Long service life

Introduction of small laser engraver: 

Aohua portable laser marking machines are hot-sale products in the global market. Our portable laser marking machines can mark fast, and the marks are clear and permanent. Besides, Aohua portable laser marking machines are easy and convenient to move and operate. Portable laser marking machines are very practical, so they are widely used in many industries. 

Application of portable laser marking machine:

Aohua portable laser marking machines are high-efficiency and stable laser marking machine. It is one of the most popular fiber laser machine in the laser equipment market. Our portable laser marking machine has a wide range of applications. 

For instance, Aohua portable laser marking machines are suitable for making laser marks on hardware tools, knives, kitchenware, leather products, computer keyboards, metal accessories, buttons, integrated circuits, packing bags, metal bottles and cans, sanitary ware faucet, wood, handicrafts, etc.

Besides, to meet different needs of different clients, Aohua also manufacture UV laser marking machines, CO2 laser marking machines and desktop fiber laser making machines.


small laser engraver

Advantages of portable laser marking machine:

1. High-efficiency, fast marking, low energy consumption;

2. Stable performance and long service life;

3. Portable, small in size, movable & light to carry;

4. Clearly and permanently marking on metal and non-metal materials;

5. No consumables needed;

6. Widely used in different industries.


Max Power20w/30w/50w
Laser wavelength1064nm
Laser repetition frequency20KHZ~100KHZ
Service life>100000 hrs
Cooling modeAir cooling
Gross weight40KG

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