UV Laser Marking Machine

◆ Flexible and durable UV laser marking machine
◆ Fast marking, high efficiency
◆ Long service life: >100,000 hours

Introduction of UV laser marking machine:

Aohua UV laser marking machines adopt 355nm ultraviolet laser source. Aohua UV laser markers are widely used all over the world. In daily life, a lot of common marks are made by UV laser engravers, such as the Logo of BMW, letters on the keyboards, tracing codes on chargers. In general, the power of UV laser marking machines are quite small, which is relating to the materials that the UV laser marking machines are supposed to process. Aohua Laser can customize laser machines for you according to your materials. Contact us and get spme professional advice! 

Application UV laser markers:

UV laser marking machines can be connected to assembly lines for continuous production. Aohua UV laser engravers are widely used to make laser-marks on hardware tools, silicone products, plastic products, rubber products, computer keyboards, LCD wires, plastic bottles, glasses, food and medicine pills, some crafts, metal jewelry, plastic and silicone watchband. In addition, Aohua UV laser marking machines can also mark on flexible PCB board, silicon wafer and shopping bags.


uv laser marking machine


1. High-quality laser beam, customizable;

2. 355nm wavelength, reducing thermal impact on the workpiece;

3. Precisely and permanently marking, good performance; 

4. Non-contact and non-pollutant marking process;

5. Its thermal effect on the material is small, so the material will not be deformed and will not burn;

6. Applicable to many materials. 


Maximum Average Laser Power

Laser Repetition Rate10-50KHZ
Beam-divergence Angle<0.3mrad
Power Consumption4KW
Operating Temperature15-30°C
Relative Humidity< 80%
Cooling modeWater-cooling
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