What is the difference between fiber laser en...
Fiber laser marking machines can be used for metal materials and dark-colored non-metal materials. And CO2 laser marking machines are used for non-metal materials, including paper, wood, denim, glass,...

Advantages of laser welding machines
Apart from the above advantages, laser welding machines also have the characteristics of long service life and durability.

Difference between laser welder and arc welde...
Welding is a kind of processing technology which makes two workpieces melted together by heating and high pressure. At present, welding technology is used in a wide range of applications.

Everything can be laser-marked!
Laser marking machine is the equipment that can make permanent marks on all kinds of products. There are mainly three kinds of laser marking machines in the market: Fiber laser marking machine, CO2...

AOHUA LASER 2020 Aug new type of laser marking machine was created by the R&D team within last 2 months. It could make the marking on the curved surface.

The Customize Design
Aohua Laser not only could provide the customers the standard machines as our showing on this official website, but also provide the customize design based on the customers' demand.

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