The laser principle and future of laser welding technology

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The principle and future of laser welding technology

Laser welding technology is an important manifestation of laser application. In the last century, people mainly used it to weld relatively thin materials. At that time, its welding speed was relatively low, which is a typical heat conduction. Nowadays, there is another fast welding method, laser deep penetration welding, and its appearance represents a new stage in the development of laser welding technology.

Comparison of the principles of two laser welding technology

Thermal conductivity laser welding is to heat the object to be connected by the thermal energy emitted by the laser, and gradually diffuse from the outside to the inside. During this heat conduction process, a series of laser parameters are manipulated to finally melt the object interface and permanently connect together , It is mainly used for simple, relatively thin objects. The beam in laser deep penetration welding is continuously emitted, and the energy conversion process is carried out through a "key hole". Under the continuous irradiation of a high-power laser beam, the material to be welded will evaporate and accompany it. Many small holes, steam filled "Guanjian hole", can absorb the heat and energy emitted by the laser completely.

 At this time, the average temperature in the "Guanjian hole" is approximately in the range of close to 3000 degrees Celsius. The wrapped metal around the hole is directly melted and can eventually flow. Under the continuous laser beam, the "Guanjian hole" will be The status quo of the flow has been maintained. The liquid metal paste at the back continuously fills the holes with a slightly lower temperature in the front, and so on, and the purpose of welding is achieved. This process is very fast, which can be filled with several meters per minute.

The advantages of laser deep penetration welding

Laser deep penetration welding has more characteristics than thermal conduction welding. This is why this type of laser welding technology has a wider application range than thermal conduction welding. These features are:

1. The molten flowing metal is conveyed and extended together with the high-temperature steam, so that the welding gap becomes deep and narrow.

2. The temperature in the "Guanjian hole" is in a particularly high state, which causes the metal to melt quickly, and it is too fast to cause deformation and other effects on the object.

3. "Guanjian hole" overflowed with high-temperature gas has a stirring effect on the fluid in the welding pool, which will cause all the gas to escape, so the welding gap is formed without air holes, and the temperature drops quickly after welding , It has deepened the narrowness of the welding gap.

4. Throughout the welding process, no foreign substances are added to reduce pollution, and the weld seam formed by pure molten fluid is stronger.

New laser welding solution

Although the current laser welding technology has been relatively developed and can basically meet the current social development needs, some professionals and laser-related enterprises can make unremitting efforts to strive to be the most advanced. The newly budding Shaben laser technology is in the field of laser welding technology. The latest research results, it uses a thin reflective sheet as the medium, so that the laser beam is finally refracted in it and finally emitted. It has higher focusing ability and welding efficiency, which will surely open up more for laser welding technology. Application areas.

Laser welding technology is always in the process of continuous change and progress. Laser companies in various countries are closely following the pace of the times and the development of science and technology. I am afraid that they will be left behind in the industry if they are accidentally. The idea is that there are many achievements in the field of laser welding technology today. We firmly believe that the future laser welding technology will be more advanced and perfect.

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