Mould Industry Exhibition

Date:2020-10-10 Categories:Company news Hits:1065

Aohua laser actively participated in the mould industry exhibition. In the process of participating in the exhibition, we have gained a lot. Understand the latest information of mold industry, design matching model. 

Not limited to the standard machine, for the non-standard machine research and development has been in progress. Different manufacturers will design according to the needs of different production lines. The corresponding model of mold repair is not limited to the current three type machine and four type machine.

Our laser R&D field engineer team also come and join the exhibition together and answer the question from our customers. How to design the machine could be more suitable for their own factory using? Which watt is more suitable for them to choose? How to use the software? What could the engineers do during the training through the internet due to the COV-19? And so on.

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