Difference between laser welding and traditional welding

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Common welding methods can generally be divided into laser welding and traditional welding (for instance, arc welding). At present, laser welding has become more and more popular.

What is laser welding?

Laser is a special kind of light. Laser welding is a high-tech welding method in which high-energy beam focuses on metal materials to generate high temperature for welding. Laser welding is an important innovation in the application of material processing industry. At present, laser welding machines are mainly used for precision welding of various metals. The principle of this type of welding is that the surface of the workpiece is heated by high-energy laser radiation, and the heat on the surface of the metal workpiece diffuses to the interior through thermal conduction. By controlling parameters of the laser welding machine such as the parameters of the width, energy, peak power and repetition frequency of the laser pulse, the workpiece is melted to form a specific molten pool , so as to complete the welding process.

What is the difference between laser welding and traditional welding?

When welding metals in traditional welding method, the welding seam is relatively rough, the welding spot and welding seam are relatively large, and more post-processing work needs to be done.

Unlike traditional welding, laser welding is a refined welding method. Laser welding seams are very small. In addition, the speed of laser welding is also much faster than that of ordinary welding. What's more, laser welding has no radiation and is harmless to people.

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