Aohua continuous fiber laser welding machines
Continuous fiber laser welding machines are advanced welding equipment in the market. Aohua fiber laser welders are suitable for welding all kinds of metal and alloy materials.

Engraving on metal fittings with fiber engra...
Laser fiber engravers play a very important role in marking on metal fittings and metal parts.

Advantage of laser mold welding machines
When the mold is damaged, the most cost-effective method for the mold owners is to get molds repaired by professional mold welding machines.

Shielding gases for laser welding machines
Shielding gases are necessary for all laser welding equipment. During the welding process, protective gas spray to the metal that is ready to be welded. So, do you know why we must use shielding gases...

What is the difference between fiber laser en...
Fiber laser marking machines can be used for metal materials and dark-colored non-metal materials. And CO2 laser marking machines are used for non-metal materials, including paper, wood, denim, glass,...

Advantages of laser welding machines
Apart from the above advantages, laser welding machines also have the characteristics of long service life and durability.

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