Advantage of laser mold welding machines

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        Molds play an extremely important role in modern industry. To some degree, we can say the quality directly determines the quality of the products. As time goes by, no matter how good the quality is, the mold will appear collapsed, deformed, and worn. When the mold is damaged, the most cost-effective method for the mold owners is to get molds repaired by professional mold welding machines. How to repair the mold? Generally. Repairing molds can be divided into traditional methods and the latest laser mold repair welding methods. Today, we will mainly talk about the laser repair welding of molds.

laser mold welding machine

        In the contemporary world, the technology of mold laser welding machines is becoming more and more mature. Most of the materials used to make molds contain large amounts of carbon and alloys. Traditional welding methods are difficult to weld these materials, but in laser welding, we can control the light emission by adjusting the parameters to achieve the best welding effect. 

        The laser mold welding machine is a precision welding method which makes use of laser as the heat source. Laser welding repair molds has many advantages, including: 1. Low heat output, low heat output means that most laser mold repairs can be performed without preheating. ; 2. The heat-affected zone is small, the workpiece will not be deformed, and can be welded for small notches; 3. The stress can be eliminated through the controllable pulse shape, resulting in a crack-free weld. 4. High-precision welding can minimize additional post-repair stages (such as re-grinding). In short, the laser mold repair welding machine is better than the traditional welding mold repair process.

mold welding machines

       In addition, the use of a laser mold repair welding machine can reduce post-processing requirements, shorten mold repairing time, improve mold quality and prolong mold life. Moreover, it just takes very short time for the operators to learn how to use a laser mold welding machine!

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