What is the difference between fiber laser engravers and CO2 laser engravers?

Date:2021-08-23 Categories:Industry news Hits:414

        Nowadays, laser marking machines have been used in many industries. For the people who want have a laser engraver, what they need to firstly know the difference between the different laser marking machines. Today, Aohua will show you the difference between Fiber laser engraving machines and CO2 laser engravers.

       The difference between fiber laser marking machines and CO2 laser marking equipment is mainly reflected in three aspects. 

       First of all, they adopt different laser transmitters. Fiber laser engravers adopt fiber transmitters, while CO2 laser marking machines adopt CO2 gas transmitters. 

fiber laser engraver

        In the second place, the laser wavelength of fiber laser engravers and CO2 laser engravers are different. The laser wavelength of the former is 1064nm, while the laser wavelength of the latter is 10.64μm.

        Thirdly, fiber laser engravers and CO2 laser engravers are applied for different materials. In general, fiber laser marking machines can be used for metal materials and dark-colored non-metal materials. And CO2 laser marking machines  are used for non-metal materials, including paper, wood, denim, glass, rubber and so on. 

co2 laser marking machine

        If you are searching for a high-quality laser marking machine, you can contact us at any time. Aohua professional sales and engineers will provide a most suitable solution for you. 


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