Advantages of laser welding machines

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        Currently, with the development of laser technology, laser welding machines have been invented. And laser welding equipment is becoming more and more popular in welding industry. Some arc welding machine users want to know the advantages of the laser welding machines, because they are planning to try laser welders. So, what advantages does a laser welding machine have? You’ll find the answer in the following content. 

Advantage 1:

        The output of laser energy is adjustable. When you use the laser welding equipment for different products, you can adjust the laser radiator for a better welding effect. 

Advantage 2:

        Compared with arc-welding, laser welding process is much faster. In other words, laser welding method can greatly improve working efficiency. 

laser welding machine

Advantage 3:

       Laser welding machines are divided into two groups: manual laser welders and automatic laser welding equipment. Both of them are easy to operate. In addition, laser welding method will not pollute environment. 

Advantage 4:

       Laser welding is very precise. Therefore, during the welding process, the metal products will not deform. Out of this reason, you don’t need to post-process the welded products. 

Advantage 5:

        Unlike arc-welding, laser welding machines don’t need to be operated in vacuum environment. What’s more, when a laser welding machine working, it will not release out any X-ray, which means laser welding method is very safe. 

Advantage 6:

        Aohua laser welding equipment can be used to weld a lot of metal materials including steel, aluminum, brass and so on. Besides, Aohua laser welding machines can weld same kind of materials together and different kinds of materials together firmly. 

         Apart from the above advantages, laser welding machines also have the characteristics of long service life and durability.  

        All in all, Laser welding equipment is becoming more and more popular. If you need more information about laser welders, please feel free to contact Aohua Laser Technology.


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