Advantages of portable handheld laser welder

Date:2022-03-10 Categories:Industry news Hits:209

        With the development science and technology, laser welding method is taking place of traditional method. Currently, handheld laser welders play a very important role in metal sheet processing industry. Handheld laser welding machines are useful and practical. According to some feedback from users, they want a smaller and portable handheld laser welder. To meet their needs, Aohua new portable handheld laser welders launched. 

portable handheld laser welder

        The advantages of portable handheld laser welding machines:

1.Integrated design, small in size, easy to move;

2.Smart operation board, easy to use, the operator will learn to operate the small laser welder in a day;

3.Stable laser output, flat and small welding seam, no heat deformation;

4.Labor-saving and energy-saving;

5.Saving consumables, there is no need to add welding wire if the gap is <0.8mm;

6.Fast welding speed. Compared with traditional welding method, the speed of laser welding is 4 to 10 times faster.


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