How to make a logo on the cover of a phone?

Date:2022-04-14 Categories:Industry news Hits:558

        We have to admit that phones are necessity of human beings in our daily life. In the whole market, there are various smart phones of different brands. To highlight their brands, the manufacturers are willing to make logo on the covers of the smart phones. So here we got a question, the phone cover is so thin, and how do the manufacturers engrave the logo on the cover? Well, the answer is thanks to laser marking machines. Laser marking machines make the “carving logo thing” much easier.

laser engravers

       The working principle of laser engravers: the laser generator in the laser marking machine produces high-energy continuous laser beam, then the high-energy laser beam will be focused on the surface of the phone cover. As a result, the surface material will instantly melt or even vaporize under the function of the high-energy laser beam. Through the computer program, you can control the path of the laser on the surface of the material. We can engrave any LOGO we want on the mobile phone cover. The laser marks engraved by the laser marking machine are permanent, beautiful and wear-resistant. 

       Currently, there are three kinds of popular laser marking machines: fiber laser engravers, CO2 laser engravers and UV laser engravers. They have different laser source for processing different materials. For a better engraving effect, fiber laser marking machines are for metal phone shells; CO2 and UV laser marking machines are for plastic phone covers.

       Aohua novice laser marking machines have longer service life and a more stable performance. Contact us if you need more detailed information about it.


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