Pill box laser marking

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With the continuous improvement of living standards, people's consumption power and safety requirements are continuously improved, and the requirements for drug safety and supervision are also constantly strengthened. Drug packaging plays an important role in the sale and safe use of drugs. In the field of consumer products, packaging has always been an important aspect of special attention, especially drug safety is the top priority of drug packaging. Establishing a perfect drug traceability system has become the consensus of many drug manufacturers, and laser marking machines are also playing an increasingly important role on the production line.

Medical signs usually contain serial numbers or other identifying information. Many counterfeit products directly tear off the label on the medicine bottle, attach a new label or wipe off the ink, but in fact the medicine fails to meet the standards or the content is wrong, the harm is self-evident. Marking with a pillbox laser marking machine can maximize the safety and controllability of the product and prevent the product from being tampered with.

For the drugs with serious adverse reactions, the drug supervision and administration department of the State Council or the province, autonomous region, municipality directly under the Central Government may take emergency measures to stop production, sale and use.

Medicine package:

1) Packaging is divided into inner packaging and outer packaging (from inside to outside, it is divided into middle packaging and large packaging);

2) The quality of inner and outer packaging should be guaranteed (storage matters or marks);

3) The inner packaging should meet the medicinal requirements;

4) Approval and registration of inner packaging and drugs together (mandatory);

5) The medicinal materials should be packaged and indicate: product name, place of origin, date, transferred unit, certificate of conformity;

6) The packaging of decoction pieces should indicate: quality regulations, production plant, batch number, production date, approval document and medical education network.

Paper pill box or plastic pill box laser making.

Metal laser marking.

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