CNC laser welding machine

this machine is suitable for battery package and all metal part welding.

How does a battery laser welding machine work?

Introduction of Aohua battery laser welding machine:

18650 laser welding machines are the welding equipment which is specially designed for producing Lithium batteries: for welding the tabs and terminals and welding the batteries into modules. By now, we have exported many battery welders to our clients all around the world. And Aohua 18650 spot welders have won a lot good reputation among the users. Laser welding machine for lithium ion batteries of Aohua are fully-automatic welding machine. What’s more, we can also provide lithium battery production lines according to your requirements. 


Application of laser welder for lithium battery:

Aohua laser welder for lithium battery can weld battery tabs and terminals. Besides, it can also be used for welding lithium battery pack. For your reference, the parameters of Aohua laser welder for lithium battery are adjustable in order to weld different materials.  

Advantages of 18650 spot welder:

1. Good performance, firmly welding effect;

2. Stable working, fully-automatic welding method;

3. Small in size, easily to be assembled in the production lines;

4. Low energy consumption, basically, no need to maintain the welder;

5. Durable, and long service life;

6. Highly-efficient;

7. Cost effective.

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