360 degree rotatable fiber laser marking machine

It is suitable for marking and engraving of hardware tools, knives, kitchenware, plastic products, computer keyboards, metal accessories, buttons, integrated circuits, packaging bottles, glasses frames, sanitary ware faucets and other products.

Application industry:

Technology upgrade highlights: 360 degree rotatable column. It ensures that customers can flexibly allocate large / small parts.

When the parts are small in size and can be placed on the worktable, the normal angle does not need to be rotated;

When the volume of the part is too large to be placed directly on the workbench, the rotation angle can be adjusted within 360 degrees by using the rotation axis. The laser is rotated to a large worktable which can be used for production line.

The operation is very simple and more convenient.

The laser marking system adopts integrated design and optical fiber transmission, which is easy to be integrated into the industrial production process. The laser can be operated directly through the control interface (USB), without consumables, and the depreciation cost of the product is greatly reduced. It has high efficiency, long life and maintenance free performance that traditional laser does not have. It is one of the successful examples of cooperation between Aowa laser and German laser company.

Product advantages:

Laser: the original laser imported from the United States, stable light output, low failure rate, service life up to 25000 hours, low use and maintenance costs.

Control computer: industrial control computer (IPC) is adopted to ensure long-term stable operation of industrial equipment in industrial environment, and it is not easy to crash.

Control software: strong function, with graphic alignment, hierarchical setting parameters and red light position preview function. The graphic calculation is accurate. It can mark various bar codes and graphic codes, and has the function of reverse printing.

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