Everything can be laser-marked!

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      Have you ever heard about laser marking machines? Laser marking machine is the equipment that can make permanent marks on all kinds of products. FYI, when you use it as a deep-marking machine, it can also be called laser engraving machine. Nowadays, there are mainly three kinds of laser marking machines in the market, and they are fiber laser marking machine, co2 laser marking machine and UV laser marking machine. Why do we need different laser marking machines? Because different laser engraving machines are applicable to different materials. For example, fiber laser marking machines is the best choice for metal products, CO2 laser engraving machines can perfectly mark on wood products and UV laser marking machines have good performance on glass material. In the following, Aohua will introduce some industries in which laser marking machines are widely used.

Industry 1: Making jewelry and crafts

      Romance is human nature. A lot of people like to have jewelry engraved with some special characters and symbols. Before laser marking machines were invented, if you want to engrave on jewelry, you need use tools to achieve it manually. However, laser engraving machines are totally automatic equipment. Compared with manual engraving, the effect of laser marking is more delicate.

laser marking machine

Industry 2: Hardware parts

      At present, in order to clearly record the production batch and production date, laser marking machines have been adopted to make permanent laser marks on the hardware parts. What’s more, laser engraving machines are also widely employed to mark on mobile components and ship components.

laser engraving machine

Industry 3: Customizable gifts

      Currently, customizable gifts have become more and more popular among us. Therefore, the technology of making customizable gifts has been improved. Laser marking machine play a very important role in this field.

fiber laser marking machine

Industry 4: Electrical components

      In this industry, it is supposed to produce very precision parts, such as circuit boards, electronic components, etc. Thus, it’s necessary to make tracing codes on those products. Laser marking machines can help to make permanent marks on the electrical components. One of the advantages of laser marking is the products will not be damaged through laser marking. 

uv laser marking machine

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