Operation details of CO2 laser engravers

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        As we all know, as long as we operate CO2 laser engravers according to the instruction, the service life the the laser marking machines can be prolonged. Therefore, when using a CO2 laser marking machine, the operators are supposed to be careful. In the following content, Aohua will sum up some operation details of CO2 laser engravers for you.

CO2 laser engravers

        The operation details include:

1. The operator is supposed to wear protection glasses during using it;

2. Please do not use CO2 laser marking machine to process uncertain materials, in case that harmful smoke would be generated;

3. After starting the CO2 laser engraver, the operator should not go away from the engraving machine. If the operator has to leave, the CO2 laser marking machine should be shut down;

4. Put fire extinguisher near CO2 laser marking machine;

5. After using, don’t forget to stop machine;

6. Do not place paper, cloth or other flammable stuff around a running CO2 laser marking machine;

7. If any abnormality appeared during processing, it should be stopped immediately for maintenance;

8. Keep the laser lens clean, and keep the working place tidy.

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