What are the advantages of Aohua laser marking VS traditional screen printing?

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What are the advantages of Aohua laser marking VS traditional screen printing?

1. Fast marking speed: The principle of laser marking/laser engraving is: "The gas beam is burnt on the surface of the marked object with extremely high beam quality, and the effectiveness of the laser beam is controlled in a very short time, and then Achieving exquisite graphics and other identification codes", so the laser marking speed is several times to dozens of times that of traditional screen printing.

2. Achieve zero consumables: In the process of laser marking, there is no need to produce any consumables, which can save unnecessary raw material costs.

3. Permanent marking effect: The logos and information printed by the laser marking machine are permanent. For some brand logos or information marks, they can play a role in highlighting the brand.

4. Marking is more environmentally friendly: Laser marking is a non-contact mode. During the process of reaching the standard, it will not damage the processed goods and will not cause harm to the human body.

5. The equipment is safer and more reliable: Because most of the laser machines are made of imported equipment and technology, this promotes the overall operation of the machine to be safer and more reliable. It has strong stability and can work for 24 hours for a long time, so that it can cooperate with the production line.

6. Wide range of marking: It can print different materials such as plastic, metal, bamboo, glass, paper, pc, etc. It is divided into two categories: metal marking and non-metal marking. The advantages of marking are obvious.

7. Classification of laser marking machine:

According to different working nature, it can be divided into three categories: carbon dioxide marking machine, ultraviolet laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine.

Sample of laser marking:

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